Pitt Global

The Pitt Day of Giving is an annual event that unites the university community in a common cause.


Alums, students, faculty, and staff are asked to  

contribute to a part of Pitt--a school or college, regional campus, student organization, athletics, or places and experiences--they hold near and dear.  


For Pitt Global, the challenge was clear: increase the number of individual donors from the previous year.


To that end, a new strategy was developed, and at the heart of that strategy was a series newly created videos dubbed The Chair Interviews.


The videos feature Pitt students and faculty talking about the role the university has played in bringing Pitt to world and the world to Pitt.

I produced more than 20 unique segments that can now be edited for use on multiple platforms for multiple purposes.

So, how did the Pitt Day of Giving turn out? 

PItt Global more than doubled its number of individual donors and as a result, earned bonus funds.