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We are the stories we tell.

And in one way or another, I've been telling stories since I was a reporter for my high school paper.


​What I've learned through the years--as a sports writer for Penn State's Daily Collegian, an associate editor at Vogue, creative director at Markowitz Communications, and now as an independent consultant and teacher at the University of Pittsburgh--is that the way a story is told is as important as the story itself.


I've had the opportunity to manage projects from concept to printed page, video screen and website. Each job presents its own unique set of challenges. 

I’ve worked with tight budgets and short deadlines. I’ve gotten the message across in 30 seconds,1500 words or a Facebook post.

But no matter the variables, the goal remains the same--tell a compelling story that prompts the viewer or reader to laugh or cry, write a check or write their congressman, try a new product or visit a new store. 

Whether it's about defining your brand or developing a public relations or advertising strategy, I'd like to help you tell your stories.
Here's my number, 412-996-4265. 
Give me a call, we'll talk.
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