​Who is Alan Rumbo? And why is his name stamped on the bottom of so many paper bags? 


This story was first heard on NPR's All Things Considered.



 Sam Flesher was many things -- friend, father, psychologist and songwriter. The latter often surprised people.


This story was recorded in 2004 after Sam recovered from his first bout with cancer. Sady, Sam died in 2010. He was 67. 

As part of an advertising campaign for Gilda's Club Western PA that included print and bus shelter ads, as well as a television commercial, I also produced this radio spot. 


A Markowitz Communications project.​

​This football-inspired radio commercial was created as a component of an ongoing advertising and marketing campaign for Cricket Wireless.


A Markowitz Communications project.

I'm working with KDKA-Radio to produce a series of commercials for Scott & Christy Eye Care Associates. Each spot features a real-patient and is designed to highlight a specific aspect of the brand.


A BKommunications project.

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