Gilda's Club

Point Park University

potential students -- and, of course, their parents -- visiting the Point Park campus for the first time.

The goal was to capture the urban feel of the university as well as show the diversity of programs and opportunities available.

As the project manager, my job involved writing the story board, developing a shot list, reviewing existing footage and supervising the edit.

This video was created for

Public Relations, Advertising, Branding

to tell the story of Urban Pathways Charter School in three minutes. After editing hours of footage, this day-in-the-life story was created.

A Markowitz Communications Project.

Urban Pathways Charter School

Three minutes. The goal was

Fair Housing Partnership

Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh asked the agency to tell the story of the discrimination deaf people face when looking to rent or buy a home.

A Markowitz Communications Project in partnership with Frames & Pixels.

The Fair Housing