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Crowding the sidewalks outside and filling the pews within, the faithful and the skeptics gathered at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on April 1, 1987. Their common purpose was to bear witness to Andy Warhol’s memorial service. 


Predictably, the scene that unfolded in midtown Manhattan that spring day had all the trappings of a true Warholian extravaganza. 

But perhaps the biggest shock of all was delivered by art historian John Richardson, who in his eulogy, recalled a spiritual side of the Pop icon’s character that was mostly kept under wraps. 

It turns out that the signs, symbols, and imagery of Warhol’s Byzantine Catholic faith were hiding in plain sight all along. But as with all things Warhol, it’s complicated.





Cover Story


For Monet and many of his contemporaries, the smoke that accompanied society’s ever-increasing reliance on manufacturing set the scene for a more contemporary kind of beauty—the urban landscape.


The elements of celebrity and adulation, beauty and tragedy can be seen in Andy Warhol’s choice of subjects during the early ’60s. Much like Marilyn and Jackie, Mona Lisa was a survivor and remains in our collective consciousness to this day.

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Much like The Andy Warhol Museum itself, Matt Wrbican is a Pittsburgh institution. The former chief archivist's book A is for Archive: Warhol’s World from A.

The Innovation Equation

A Collaboration Between UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh

As an independent consultant, I was called on to work with the University of Pittsburgh (the University Center for International Studies) and UPMC to develop the concept and brand identity for their symposium in Dublin, Ireland. 

Together, the in-house designer and I created all the collateral material -- including the invitation, registration microsite, video, program and signage.


Screen 2

Skinny Tie Media

Working with Pittsburgh-based production company Skinny Tie, I developed the script for this new IDL Print video. The goal was to define and affirm IDL's brand identity.

Carnegie Library

of Pittsburgh

The CLP's newsletter highlights the heroes among us -- the ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference in our communities.

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