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A celebration of 125 years of Carnegie Museums continues through the stories of iconic, quirky, and little-known pieces of museum history.

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Pitt Global


Working as the interim communications director for Pitt Global, I helped coordinate the department's most successful Pitt Day of Giving campaign to date (more than doubling the number of individual donors from the previous year, and as a result, earning bonus funding). 

Part of the 2020 strategy involved leveraging original social media content designed to target students and alums. To that end, I created, developed, and produced more than 20 videos, which can now be re-edited and repurposed for other uses.

The Pitt Day of Giving video features Ariel Armony, vice provost for Global Affairs and Pitt Global director, discussing the many ways Pitt students are encouraged to experience the world as well as the many ways the university brings the world to its students.

The Chair video is one in a series where Pitt students and faculty talk about their travels, what they have learned from exploring different countries, and what they see as the most challenging issues facing the world today.

Video Production by Archie Carpenter Photography



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