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For the past two years, Akemi May, Carnegie Museum of Art’s associate curator of works on paper, has been busy scouring the museum’s collection database in search of Japanese prints. Her goal was to create a comprehensive exhibition that would span more than a century of changing techniques, subject matter, and philosophies. Imprinting in Their Time: Japanese Printmakers, 1912–2022 will call Scaife Gallery One home through May 12, 2024. 

Kurosaki Akira, Red Darkness 1 (Les Ténèbres Vermillon/Akai yami 1), 1970, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh: Collection of Dr. Lila Penchansky, © Estate of Akira Kurosaki

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"Here’s a snail joke for you! What do you call a snail wearing an anti-COVID mask?” Wait for it … "Mask-cargot!” You can almost hear the collective groan across the internet. Instead, the comments online are joyous: “sNailed it.” “Tim please adopt me.” “Tim is my sunshine on a cloudy day.” “I luv u tim pearce.”  His posts garner hundreds of thousands of views, some even surpassing the million-plus mark—extending the museum’s reach far beyond Pittsburgh to an audience around the globe.

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Pitt Day of Giving 2020

Pitt Day of Giving 2020

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